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NEW: MS Office 2007
Word 2007
Excel 2007
PowerPoint 2007
Access 2007
Adv Word 2007
Adv Excel 2007
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Windows Vista
Internet 2008
MS Office 2003
Word 2003
Excel 2003
PowerPoint 2003
Access 2003
Adv Word 2003
Adv Excel 2003
Basic XP
Windows XP 2002
Windows 2000
Internet Skills 2003
MS Office XP 2002
Word XP 2002
Excel XP 2002
PowerPoint XP 2002
Access XP 2002
Adv Word XP 2002
Adv Excel XP 2002
Basic 98
Windows 98
Internet Skills 98
MS Office 2000
Word 2000
Excel 2000
PowerPoint 2000
Access 2000
Adv Word 2000
Adv Excel 2000
Basic 95
Windows 95
Internet Skills 95
Works 4
MS Office 97
Word 97
Excel 97
PowerPoint 97
Access 97
Adv Word 97
Adv Excel 97
Corel Suite 8
WordPerfect 8
Quattro Pro 8
Presentations 8
Lotus Suite 97
Word Pro 97
Lotus 1-2-3 97
Freelance 97
Approach 97
MS Office 4.3
Word 6
Excel 5
PowerPoint 4
Access 2
Adv Word 6
Adv Excel 5

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instructor-led courseware

Whether you need training materials for yourself, for the people in your organization or for your own paying clients, our printable PDF training materials allow you to conduct your own computer training - at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional trainer. You now have access to the very same courseware we use in our own hands-on instructor-led training courses.

Developing new computer training materials is a time-consuming task. As you probably already know, it is quite difficult to find affordable, royalty-free training manuals for your course participants. That's where we come in. Our short-format workbooks offer step-by-step instruction on the fundamental skills your people need: Windows Vista/XP (2002)/2000/95/98, Internet Skills, Microsoft Office (2007/2003/XP 2002/2000/97), Corel WordPerfect Suite and Lotus SmartSuite titles. Unlike other commerical manuals and "how-to" books, our workbooks are designed with just one goal: to make training easy. All you need to do is purchase a workbook or a workbook bundle, print and bind the workbooks and voila! Instant training course!

printable manuals

Each workbook is supplied to you in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). Acrobat PDF makes it easy for you to print out an unlimited number of perfect workbook copies whenever you need them. What's more, you'll have your customized courseware less than 24 hours after placing your order - you'll be ready to train tomorrow! We'll create your workbooks and place them in a password-protected directory right here on our server. Your training materials will be available for download within 24 hours and, if you ever lose or delete them, we'll always be here to supply you with new copies.

Download printable demonstration chapters by clicking on the links to the left. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these files. Download the reader directly from the Adobe home page by clicking on the yellow button.

We also have brand new FREE courseware for you do download! Go to and download our new Trainer Starter Kit. This contains an article called "YOU CAN TRAIN!" and a special, FREE, PRINTABLE version of our Basic Computer Skills manual. Print it out and start training immediately! provides courseware, training manuals, training materials and tutorials for office, word, access, excel, powerpoint, internet skills and windows, as well as other popular office productivity packages.